Shieldshade International

Home Window Solar Film Singapore

Solar Film

A stylish and functional choice, perfect for the modern, eco-conscious individual, seamlessly blending aesthetics with the benefits of natural light and solar power.

HDB Window Solar Film Singapore

Privacy / Blackout Window Film

Crafted with advanced technology, it allows uninterrupted natural light while effectively securing privacy for your business operations, setting the standard for secure and contemporary workspaces.

HDB Window Film Singapore

Frosted Window Firm / Glass Firm

Perfect for homes and offices, it adds a touch of luxury with its modern frosted finish. Hence, seamlessly blending style and functionality while striking a perfect balance between openness and privacy.

Home Window Solar Film Singapore

Decorative Window Film

Able to adding artistic touch to your glass while enhancing privacy and controlling glare. It also offers a range of designs to suit your style.

HDB Window Solar Film Singapore

One-way / Reflective Window Film

With this film, you can see outside easily, but from the outside, it is like a secret mirror. Our one-way/reflective window film ensure maximum privacy & blocks out heat.