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Creativity on Glass: Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is like adding a touch of art to your glass! Whether you want more privacy, a stylish look, or just a change of scenery, ShieldShade International’s decorative window film enhances privacy and controls glare. From elegant patterns to playful designs, you can find the perfect style that suits you. Give your windows a makeover with us!


ShieldShade International's Decorative Window Film in Singapore

Laser Printed

Offers precision, versatility, and durability with fade-resistant, visually striking designs. It provides customizable aesthetics, privacy, and easy installation for practical window enhancement.

Branding-print Logo

A simple and effective method to strengthen brand presence through customization, professional aesthetics, and marketing impact. It ensures consistency across locations for businesses to enhance their visual identity.

Any Size Can Be Printed

Allows for design freedom, consistent patterns, and suitability for various window types and settings. Easy application ensures a hassle-free experience for users to enhance windows' aesthetics in diverse environments.


Our Decorative Window Film Gallery

Explore our special collection of decorative window film designs that show how our films can make windows in houses and offices look incredibly stylish and cool.

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Decorative Window Film Singapore


Exploring Common Queries for Clarity

Decorative window films typically last 10 to 20 years, but longevity depends on various factors that might cause premature breakdown.

Decorative window films can be applied to the exterior glass surface, although it is worth noting that they are usually installed on the interior for protection from the elements.

Decorative window film adds a unique layer to your home, offering protection from UV rays and an additional insulation layer. Explore decorative options to elevate your home further.

Decorative window film is removable, but it is not prone to falling off over time. For safe removal, it is recommended to consult professionals like ShieldShade International to prevent any potential damage to the glass.

Use dish soap or ammonia-free window cleaner for cleaning. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners as they can break down the adhesive. Steer clear of abrasive solutions like baking soda and refrain from using sharp instruments that could damage the film.